What’s coming up on Evidently Cochrane in 2016?

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It’s official! You’ll be on trend if you wear pyjamas in the day while you check what’s new on Evidently Cochrane!

“It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?” Henry David Thoreau

Last week here I looked back at some of our 2015 highlights. Now everywhere, as we ease into January, reflections on the past year are replaced by forecasts for this one. Apparently, in 2016, domestic appliances are set to become cool, with innovations like a washing machine with a built-in sink for pre-treating the laundry (we didn’t know we needed that). We’ll be embracing pyjamas as daywear, neck bows and blue eye shadow, while in the kitchen black is the new black, as fashion dictates that we scorch everything from salad to bread, which is truly great news for those of us who burn food on a regular basis.

So what’s in store on Evidently Cochrane in 2016?

New Evidence for Everyday series

Following the successful launch of Evidence for Everyday Nursing and Evidence for Everyday Midwifery, we will be introducing two more series, with the aim of presenting evidence for particular audiences in ways that are quick and easy to find and understand. The core of the series will be blogs and blogshots, but we hope to have some tweetchats too.


Our new series Evidence for Everyday Health Choices launches in February

Evidence for Everyday Health Choices (#EEHealthChoices), starting in February, is for patients and anyone making choices about their health.

We’re delighted that a number of Allied Health Professionals are keen to have their own series and we’re hoping to work with some of them ahead of our summer launch of Evidence for Everyday Allied Health (#EEAlliedHealth).

Look out for blogs throughout the year in each of our series, and #EEMidwifery will include four articles co-written with our partners at The Practising Midwife, bringing you evidence alongside a practitioner’s viewpoint.

We’ll also be aiming to use innovative ways to share evidence in these series and in our campaigns. After all, Lego’s not just for Christmas! Many of you have said you found our use of Lego to show the accuracy of a test for dementia to be very helpful, so if you missed that it’s here. That brings me to…

Special week: focus on dementia

Each year we aim to have four special weeks on the blog. Along with weeks to launch the two new Evidence for Everyday series,  we’ll have a week of blogs with a focus on dementia, in the autumn, before we finish the year with something a bit different for Evidently Advent.

Your experiences and expertise

It’s not new for us to include the views of experts (that’s patients and practitioners) alongside evidence and indeed it’s something we really value about the blogs; we hope you do too. We’ll be looking to do more of this in 2016, with some new contributors and guest bloggers.

What’s next for blogshots?

Preop bathing blogshot

Blogshots: you’ll be seeing more of these in 2016

Since we first started making blogshots, last summer, these pictures with brief information have proved to be a very popular way of sharing evidence on social media. We will keep producing these in their current format but we are also working on ways to modify the content to make them as helpful as possible for those without specialist knowledge of health research. We will try the new format for the Health Choices series. You can see and download all the blogshots here.

Communicating complex information simply and accurately is always going to be a challenge and we will continue to assess and respond to feedback on how well we are doing this and what we could do to improve.

Tell us what you’d like to see here

 We have just started to look at the responses to our reader survey and would like to thank everyone who left feedback for us, including many useful comments and suggestions. I’ll be blogging about this soon, but I have made one change straight away, in response to the request for a means to suggest blog topics for us to consider. I’ve created a blog post inviting readers to post their suggestions in the comments section. If someone has asked for a topic that you are also interested in, feel free to tell us that! This will also be a place where you can leave other suggestions for the blog, as I can see from the survey that our readers are full of good ideas and your feedback can help us make the blog even better.

Exploring the future of social media in health

coloured cards with question marks

We’ll be discussing the possibilities for the future of social media in health at #WGT16

I’m very excited at the prospect of a wonderfully different kind of conference that I’ll be participating in on 29th February. We Get Together (#WGT16) is the brainchild of Teresa Chinn (@AgencyNurse of @WeNurses) and Vanessa Garrity (@VanessaLGarrity of @WeMHNurses) and they are now working with a great team to prepare what they describe as ‘an unconference for the tweeting healthcare professionals to go beyond 140 characters and meet face to face at last!’ It has been crowdfunded, allowing as many people as possible to come together to discuss the future potential and possibilities of social media in health, not just for 2016 but for the next 5 years. I’ll be there, proudly wearing my WeNurses badge (but not my pyjamas) and will of course be blogging about it afterwards, as well as on other social media topics through the year. There are a few tickets left here. Come and be part of it!

And finally…

vote nowCould it be another successful year for us in the UK Blog Awards, after our win last year? I’m not going to make any predictions about that! But if you like Evidently Cochrane, please support it with your vote here. Thank you.

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