About Cochrane UK

Archie Cochrane

Archie Cochrane

Cochrane UK (formerly the UK Cochrane Centre) was the first to be founded of fourteen regional Cochrane Centres within The Cochrane Collaboration (now Cochrane) and has special responsibility for Cochrane entities and contributors in the UK and Ireland.

Cochrane Centres help to maintain and improve the quality and usefulness of Cochrane reviews through the provision of learning, development and support to Cochrane entities.

Just under half of the 53 Cochrane Review Groups have editorial bases in the UK, 6800 (34%) of the 20,000 authors of Cochrane reviews and nearly 28% of all participants in Cochrane are based here. Cochrane UK provides a vital link between Cochrane, the Department of Health, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Co-ordinating Centre (NETSCC) and many other stakeholders. It has had an important role as a knowledge broker and is developing and implementing a key programme of engagement with UK stakeholders to reflect the very substantial overall support given by the UK Government, through the NIHR, to Cochrane activities. At the same time, it seeks to develop new engagement activities that will maximise the quality and relevance of Cochrane outputs to health and social care throughout the world.

NIHR logoCochrane UK is an integral part of the NHS Research & Development programme and the National Institute for Health Research. The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust (OUH) is funded to provide Cochrane UK for the NIHR. As the OUH and The University of Oxford become more closely aligned as an Academic Health Science provider, Cochrane UK will seek still closer integration with its host institution and its partners, so that the resulting synergies will increase the quality, dissemination and utilisation of Cochrane systematic reviews worldwide.