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Ngawai is a women’s health advocate interested in research following her participation in a number of studies during pregnancy. She now advises on patient and public involvement in a variety of health research projects, including the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and more broadly for Health Education England. Ngawai is an Honorary Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and a co-investigator in 3 pregnancy related studies. She is the Chair of the Clinical Reference Group for the National Maternity & Perinatal Audit, and won a National Award for this work in 2019 from the UK’s Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP). Ngawai is also a founding member of Elly Charity which works internationally to protect women’s health through education and patient centred research ensuring the voices of women, their families and communities shape the research agenda. Previously, Ngawai worked in the Marine sector for 12 years as a Knowledge Management professional facilitating organisational learning and using data to enable informed decision making.

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Contemplating pregnancy with long-term health conditions

In this blog, written for women, health professionals, policy makers and commissioners, Rachel Plachcinski and Ngawai Moss discuss the lack of evidence for planning pregnancy and maternity care for women with two or more long term health conditions. They explore women’s experiences through their pregnancy journeys: identifying challenges and gaps in understanding, plus what matters to women during pregnancy when living with long term health conditions.