Evidence for Everyday Health Choices

Dental check-ups: how often is often enough?

In this blog for anyone wondering how often they should have a dental check-up, and primary care dentists, Patrick Fee, leading author of an updated Cochrane Review on dental check-up frequency, discusses the latest evidence and what it means in practice.

Reducing saturated fat intake: is it worth the effort?

Robert Walton, a Cochrane UK Senior Fellow in General Practice, blogs about the evidence on reducing saturated fat in our diets to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Page last checked 28 June 2023 Few questions have caused so much controversy in science and medicine and debate over the breakfast table as the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  […]

Induction of labour: if, and when, to induce

In this blog for pregnant women and those supporting them, Associate Professor Philippa Middleton and co-authors discuss their recently updated Cochrane Review looking at the effects for women and their babies of inducing labour towards the end of pregnancy.