Evidence for maternity care, nursing and allied health from Cochrane UK

Cochrane UK’s Knowledge Brokers Sarah Chapman and Selena Ryan-Vig introduce three refreshed evidence series for health professionals and clinical support staff working in maternity care, nursing and allied health, and tell you what you can look forward to.

Five years on from the launch of our three series on midwifery, nursing and allied health evidence, we decided it was time to take stock and see how we could improve them. While our blogs and the visual evidence summaries we call ‘blogshots’ seem to be popular, these aren’t a regular offering, and we realised we were seeing other products based on Cochrane evidence that our audiences might find helpful. Here’s what you can expect to see in our series Evidence for Maternity Care, Evidence for Nursing and Evidence for Allied Health.

Quarterly blog posts with a collection of evidence and resources

Here we will flag up and link to recent Cochrane Reviews and related resources from the previous three months, such as Cochrane Clinical Answers, Cochrane Special Collections, and podcasts, blogs, blogshots and anything else we think would be useful, for example we may highlight a recent guideline. We will include news of current opportunities for research involvement or to make your voice heard, and of upcoming events – such as next month’s World Evidence Based Healthcare Day. We have published the first of these for each series, so you can see for yourself what this looks like:


As always, we’ll be blogging about evidence, both specific reviews or collections of reviews. We will sometimes have a special series too, that is relevant for healthcare professionals and clinical support staff, such as our Maternity Matters and Life After Stroke series. It’s worth noting that we always update our blogs when the reviews are updated, so they remain current.


These are visual summaries of key information from Cochrane Reviews which we share on social media with a link to the review. We occasionally bring together a collection of these in a blog post, such as this one on breastfeeding. Like the blogs, we update our blogshots when the reviews are updated, so you can be confident you are reading about the latest evidence. You can find all our blogshots relevant to maternity care here, nursing here and allied health here.


We will be sending a quarterly newsletter for each of the three series, to let you know when the latest collections of evidence and resources are available. Sign up here, and select the series you are interested in. You will also receive our regular monthly newsletter with a collection of all of our latest blogs. If you are already signed up for the Evidently Cochrane newsletter, and want to make sure you get particular alerts about these series as well, you’ll need to update your subscription preferences.

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Evidence for maternity care, nursing and allied health from Cochrane UK by Sarah Chapman

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