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Bridget Candy started her career as a nurse, she then went on to become a midwife. She swapped careers because she questioned the basis for current and varied care practices. She is now a senior researcher at the Marie Curie Palliative Research Department at University College London. She is interested in ways to better understand what is best practice. She seeks to explore and test novel research methods, she follows closely new developments within Cochrane. She has conducted with Louise Jones and other colleagues several Cochrane systematic reviews on aspects of care for people with cancer.Louise Jones has a background in clinical pathology and medicine. She recently retired from her academic post at University College London where for 10 years she led the Palliative Care Research team funded by the UK charity Marie Curie. She is interested in the clinical, social and existential aspects of life threatening and life limiting illnesses and has worked collaboratively across many specialties to increase understanding in these areas. She has conducted a number of systematic reviews for Cochrane, working closely with her colleague Bridget Candy. In learning about issues concerning sexuality and cancer in women, she has published on sexuality in people receiving palliative care for whom death is approaching, and worked alongside colleagues in the Institute for Women’s Health at UCL.

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