Blue light-filtering lenses: useful for eye strain, sleep, & eye health? Here’s the evidence

Glasses with blue light-filtering lenses are widely marketed and routinely prescribed by eye care professionals. It has been claimed these lenses can help with reducing eye strain, improving sleep, and protecting eye health. But do they live up to the hype, and are they worth the cost? In this blog, Associate Professor Laura Downie and Dr Sumeer Singh look at the latest evidence from their recent Cochrane Review.

Preventing falls in older people: new evidence on what helps

Sarah Chapman from Cochrane UK shares new evidence on what can be done to reduce falls in older people at home by making safety adaptations to the environment and, importantly, who is likely to benefit most from these. 

Problem gambling: what can help?

In a blog for people who think they may have a problem controlling their gambling, or who are concerned about someone who does, GP Robert Walton looks at new Cochrane evidence what might help.

Running shoes and lower limb running injuries in adults

In a blog for people who run for exercise, Dr Rebecca Gould, Cochrane UK Fellow and Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar, looks at the evidence on the role of running shoes for preventing lower limb running injuries

Exercise training for adults having maintenance dialysis

In this blog for people with chronic kidney disease having maintenance dialysis, Dr Rebecca Gould, Cochrane UK Fellow and Sports and Exercise Medicine Registrar, looks at recent evidence on exercise in adults having dialysis.