Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Newborns

IVF add-ons: the latest Cochrane evidence

In this blog for people undergoing IVF, Sarah Lensen (Cochrane editor) and Noortje Uphoff (IVF patient) look at the latest Cochrane evidence on IVF add-ons.

Induction of labour: if, and when, to induce

In this blog for pregnant women and those supporting them, Associate Professor Philippa Middleton and co-authors discuss their recently updated Cochrane Review looking at the effects for women and their babies of inducing labour towards the end of pregnancy.

Pregnancy after stillbirth: experience and evidence gaps

Susannah Hopkins Leisher shares her experience of the trauma of stillbirth and impact on subsequent pregnancies and, with researcher Aleena Wojcieszek, looks at gaps in the evidence on how to care for such women and their families.