Antidepressants for chronic pain: an important evidence gap

A recent Cochrane Review – the largest ever investigation into antidepressants used for chronic pain - shows insufficient evidence to determine how effective or harmful they may be. In this blog, principal investigator Professor Tamar Pincus explains the findings, and a clinician (Dr Peter Cole), a patient, and a researcher (Hollie Birkinshaw,) share their reflections. 

Treating long-lasting low back pain without surgery: the latest evidence

We answer some questions you may have if you’re affected by pain and discomfort in your lower back which has no identifiable cause (it’s ‘non-specific’) and has lasted longer than 3 months (it’s ‘chronic’). On this page, we look at the potential benefits and harms of various non-invasive, non-surgical treatment options. The answers are based on the latest trustworthy evidence from Cochrane and NHS advice. 

Talking to GPs about endometriosis: Lara’s story

In a blog for GPs and for people seeking help from their GPs (especially those who have or may have endometriosis), Lara Cowpe reflects upon her experiences with GPs during her endometriosis journey.

Keyhole surgery for pain associated with endometriosis

In this blog for people considering surgery to treat pain associated with endometriosis, Dr Martin Hirsch, Consultant Gynaecologist, and Claire Barker, who had keyhole surgery for endometriosis in 2015, explore the benefits and risks and discuss important aspects to consider when thinking about undergoing surgery.