Katie Abbotts

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Katie is Cochrane's External Communications and Media Officer.Katie's focus is to work with all Cochrane Groups, authors and editorial team to disseminate, build profile and increase the coverage and accessibility of Cochrane’s evidence to wide audiences including the general public, health practitioners, partners and policy-makers.Katie also responsible for managing Cochrane’s press office facilitating communication between journalists and Cochrane authors, review groups, centres and the Central Executive Team. Cochrane run a 24/7 press office making connections with journalists, news outlets and health and science correspondents and editors across the world. Through a weekly Content and Dissemination meeting, in partnership with the EMD they plan which Cochrane Reviews will be supported with centrally resourced dissemination activity. Katie works closely with authors and CRG's on communications plans and work in partnership with author teams to create effective communications plans for Cochrane’s high-profile reviews. Katie also prepares content for Cochrane websites such as featured reviews and author interviews.

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