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Sarah is the joint co-ordinating editor of the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (CCMD) and responsible for the Child and Young People satellite of this group. CCMD is funded by the National Institute for Health Research and has a portfolio of Cochrane reviews that assess the effects (including harms) of treatments in the prevention and management of a range of mental health problems. Sarah is based at the University of Auckland where she is the Associate Professor in Youth Mental Health, and is funded by the Auckland Medical Research Foundation for a programme of work in the area of self-harm and suicide prevention. The Satellite has been funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand with a Catalyst Seeding grant, and a Faculty Research Development Fund from the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Sarah is a kiwi who trained as a clinical psychologist in Melbourne, Australia and worked for many years at Orygen (University of Melbourne) both clinically and in research, focused on evidence synthesis and implementation in the area of youth depression and suicide prevention. More recently she has had a focus on the role of technology and digital interventions and their impact on youth mental health. While she has continued to be involved in a large number of clinical trials, her passion is about ensuring implementation of the results of these trials into real world practice and policy. To this end, she is driven to ensure that the research agenda is co-designed with young people, research is undertaken and implemented in partnership with young people with lived experience, as a way to ensure real impact.

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