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Beverley Lim Høeg, PhD, is a psychologist and post-doctoral researcher in the Psychological Aspects of Cancer group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center. She is a co-author of the Cochrane Review “Follow-up strategies after completion of primary cancer treatment.” Her current areas of research include coping and resilience in relation to caregiving and bereavement, as well as the involvement of patients and caregivers in research. She also has a small private practice in Copenhagen counselling people affected by cancer.

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Informal caregivers: the invisible people caring for cancer survivors

In this blog for informal cancer caregivers, Beverley Lim Høeg and Pernille Envold Bidstrup, who are both psychologists and cancer researchers, look at the challenges faced by those caring for a loved-one with cancer and explore why informal caregivers deserve more support and focus in cancer treatment and research. Pernille is also the mother of a 9 year old cancer survivor.