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Elaine Finucane is a Midwife, PhD fellow, Cochrane Fellow and Research Associate with the HRB-Trials Methodology Research Network, NUI Galway. Elaine is working on a variety of clinical trials. Her current projects include iHealthFacts, an online resource where the public can quickly and easily check the reliability of a health claim circulated by social media. iHealthFacts aims to provide robust, unbiased information to help members of the public think critically about health claims and make well-informed choices.

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Personal experiences or anecdotes (stories) are an unreliable basis for assessing the effects of most treatments

This blog explains why personal experience, or a series of personal experiences, can be misleading. Just because an individual got better after using a treatment does not mean that other people who receive the same treatment will also improve, or that the treatment is responsible – ‘regression to the mean’ tells us that experiences such as pain may improve anyway without treatment.