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An incomplete and misleading reading of Archie Cochrane

Iain Chalmers, founding director of Cochrane UK, comments on a recent publication in which the authors claim that Cochrane's 1972 book 'Effectiveness and Efficiency' was the inspiration for both the Cochrane Collaboration and the Evidence-Based Medicine movement, and that neither movement has paid sufficient attention to Cochrane's reference to the importance of 'care' in health care.

Should the Cochrane logo be accompanied by a health warning?

In the second blog of our series Understanding Evidence, Iain Chalmers, our founding director, looks at developments in research on prenatal corticosteroids since the work which gave rise to the Cochrane logo. Join in the conversation on Twitter @iainchalmersTTi @CochraneUK  Page last checked 4 April 2023 The birth of the Cochrane logo Twenty four summers ago I asked David […]