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Stroke: advances in treatment offer hope for patients

In a blog for people interested in stroke treatment, James Garrard, Specialist Registrar in Stroke and Geriatric Medicine, reflects on his experience as a doctor working in a stroke centre and looks at the latest evidence and some game-changing developments in treatments for some stroke patients.

Kinesio taping – should we stick with it?

In this blog for people with musculoskeletal problems, Dr Rebecca Gould, Cochrane UK Fellow and Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar looks at the latest evidence for kinesio taping. Can some complementary treatments for musculoskeletal problems have unintended consequences?

Putting positive experiences at the centre of postnatal care

A new WHO guideline on postnatal care puts a positive experience at the heart of the care that women and their babies receive in the first six weeks after birth. It recognises that care should go beyond the mere delivery of certain services. Good postnatal care should aim to meet every individual woman’s needs, leaving all new parents, the baby and family with a positive experience of this critical period in their lives.