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Dementia and hearing conditions: what do we most need to know?

A new project aims to find out what are the top questions that need answering about dementia and hearing conditions, in the first Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) to look at two health areas together.  Sarah Chapman looks at what this is about, and hears from some of those involved in the PSP about what it hopes to achieve and why it’s important.

Menière’s disease: experience, evidence gaps & treatment choices

In a blog for people with Menière's disease and those supporting them, Sarah Chapman looks at the latest evidence on treatments and talks to her husband Tim about living with Menière’s and making choices about treatments, and to researcher Katie Webster and Ear, Nose and Throat doctor Martin Burton, who are both authors of new Cochrane Reviews on treatments for Menière's.

Glaucoma: what are the options?

In this blog, Professor Gus Gazzard, a glaucoma consultant and president of the UK & Éire Glaucoma Society, and Evgenia Konstantakopoulou, an optometrist specialising in glaucoma, explore the evidence on treatment options for different types of glaucoma. 

Problem gambling: what can help?

In a blog for people who think they may have a problem controlling their gambling, or who are concerned about someone who does, GP Robert Walton looks at new Cochrane evidence what might help.