What are Cochrane Reviews?

Page last updated: 14 January 2022

Cochrane Reviews are systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy, and are internationally recognised as the highest standard in evidence-based health care. They are published online in The Cochrane Library.

Each systematic review addresses a clearly formulated question; for example: Can antibiotics help in alleviating the symptoms of a sore throat? All the existing primary research on a topic that meets certain criteria is searched for and collated, and then assessed using stringent guidelines, to establish whether or not there is conclusive evidence about a specific treatment. The reviews are updated regularly, ensuring that treatment decisions can be based on the most up-to-date and reliable evidence.

Types of Cochrane Review

  • Intervention reviews assess the benefits and harms of interventions used in health care and health policy.
  • Diagnostic test accuracy reviews assess how well a diagnostic test performs in diagnosing and detecting a particular disease.
  • Methodology reviews address issues relevant to how systematic reviews and clinical trials are conducted and reported.
  • Qualitative reviews synthesize qualitative evidence to address questions on aspects of interventions other than effectiveness.
  • Prognosis reviews address the probable course or future outcome(s) of people with a health problem.

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  1. Did the covid vaccination cause illnesses Tingling in feet and legs

    Why has this question disappeared………maybe the answer is yes ………

    Rosemary Guest / Reply
  2. I want to join the cochrane group .

    Dr Nasrin Sultana / Reply
    • Hello,

      There are lots of ways you can get involved in Cochrane. This is a good place to start: https://www.cochrane.org/join-cochrane
      Best wishes,
      Sarah Chapman [Editor]

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    • The NIH position on the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine is far from being real and scientific, as results from reports from those that have taken and completed the 3 or 4 doses doesn’t match what is been pushed.As a microbiologist, I am disappointed at the politicization of science. COVID has exposed a lot and thus affect trust in government health agencies. President Biden and many that are boosted still comes positive. Prior to vaccine many were recovering without tx, and not all that tested positive from government own report, came down with sickness or hospitalized, so why this position by NIH when all is so glaring?

      Dr. Alakpa

      Edafese G. Alakpa / (in reply to Dr Nasrin Sultana) Reply
  3. I would like to be a part of the cochrane group for the latest updation of the information in the healthcare sector

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  4. i would like to join cochrane group and always be updated with information on health and medicals

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