Older adults

Breathe Dance for Strength & Balance: offering choice, delivering benefits

In a blog for physiotherapists, other health professionals and anyone interested in arts and health, Hannah Dye from Breathe Arts Health Research explains how their innovative dance programme provides an alternative to exercise classes for older adults prescribed strength and balance physiotherapy at Guy’s Hospital, London. Created with patients, the programme is offering people choice in their healthcare pathway and bringing multiple benefits.

Dementia and hearing conditions: what do we most need to know?

A new project aims to find out what are the top questions that need answering about dementia and hearing conditions, in the first Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) to look at two health areas together.  Sarah Chapman looks at what this is about, and hears from some of those involved in the PSP about what it hopes to achieve and why it’s important.

Preventing falls in older people: new evidence on what helps

Sarah Chapman from Cochrane UK shares new evidence on what can be done to reduce falls in older people at home by making safety adaptations to the environment and, importantly, who is likely to benefit most from these. 

Recognising and managing frailty in older adults

In a blog for healthcare professionals Dr James Garrard, Registrar in Geriatric Medicine, looks at the importance of recognising frailty in older adults and the latest evidence on Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

Dementia: evidence, experience and resources

On this page you can find our blogs about different aspects of preventing and living with dementia. Many of them include research evidence and also reflections from people affected by dementia themselves or in supportive roles as carers, family members or health professionals. There are also links to helpful resources.

Talking about dying: better conversations at the end of life

Sarah Chapman reflects on the text conversations she had with her Mum’s carer when her Mum was dying during lockdown. She also talks about recent evidence on effective communication between health professionals, those who are dying and their families and about our need for knowledge of ordinary dying.

Drugs for agitation in people with dementia: benefits and risks

In this blog for the families of people with dementia, Doctors Charlotte Squires and James Garrard talk about drugs used to treat symptoms of agitation and psychosis in people with diagnosed dementia, and what doctors and families together might want to consider when making decisions about trying these treatments.

Preventing dementia: what’s the evidence?

In a blog for non-medical people, James Garrard, Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine, looks at the evidence of drug and non-drug approaches to try and prevent dementia.