Children and young people

Suicide prevention: towards better evidence

In this blog for World Mental Health Day 2019, Jessica Hendon, the Managing Editor of Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (CCMD), highlights the group's ongoing work to bring together the best evidence on suicide prevention and self-harm.

Wet cough in children: making choices about treatment

GP Robert Walton looks at Cochrane evidence on antibiotics for children with 'wet cough' and explains what might help you decide what to do when your child has a cough that does not go away quickly.

Videolaryngoscopy: watch this space

In a blog for trainees, Faro Ndokera looks at evidence on videolaryngoscopy as compared to direct laryngoscopy in three patient groups.

What’s the best way for children to lose weight? Here’s what the research says

An increasing number of children and adolescents across the world are too heavy for their age, height and sex. Fortunately, new evidence reveals that there are proven, effective ways to tackle overweight and obesity in the young. Two reviews, published today, show that combinations of diet, exercise and behavioural change produce small but important reductions […]