Evidence for Everyday Health Choices

Preparing for an operation with lifestyle changes

In this blog for people waiting for an operation, Dr Rebecca Gould, Cochrane UK Fellow and Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar, explores some of the lifestyle changes people can make to prior to an operation and Brian Devlin, Cochrane UK Consumer Champion, shares his own experiences of getting ready for an operation.

High blood pressure: what can we do to prevent it?

In this blog for healthy people who want to know what they can do to prevent high blood pressure and avoid the need to take medication Robert Walton, a GP, looks at the Cochrane evidence and gives some hints and tips. 

Dental check-ups: how often is often enough?

In this blog for anyone wondering how often they should have a dental check-up, and primary care dentists, Patrick Fee, leading author of an updated Cochrane Review on dental check-up frequency, discusses the latest evidence and what it means in practice.

Reducing saturated fat intake: is it worth the effort?

Robert Walton, a Cochrane UK Senior Fellow in General Practice, blogs about the evidence on reducing saturated fat in our diets to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Few questions have caused so much controversy in science and medicine and debate over the breakfast table as the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  A recent Cochrane ReviewCochrane Reviews are […]